When the juniper meets a fine selection of Italian citrus fruits and the centenary mastery of the Poli Distillery, an artisanal Gin with a lively and unmistakable flavour is born: Marconi 44.

Obtained from a unique natural infusion of Juniper berries, Pink Grapefruit peel, Lemon, Bitter Orange, Sweet Orange, Cardamom seeds and Coriander, the new Gin Marconi 44 is a concentrate of sunny pleasure.

Like its “older brothers” Marconi 46 and Marconi 42, it is handcrafted distilled in small batches by Jacopo Poli with Crysopea, his vacuum bain marie pot still. A unique distillation method that allows to distil with low temperatures, in order to release all the freshness of the botanicals and the intensity of the aromas, obtaining a clean taste with a long aromatic persistence.

Poli Gin Marconi 44 Agrumato

Marconi Gin expressed in the name its Italian soul: Guglielmo Marconi was an Italian genius, inventor of the radiotelegraph and Nobel Prize winner for Physics in 1909; via Marconi is the address of the Poli Distillery, while the number “44” refers to the alcohol content of the distillate.

Poli Gin Marconi 44 Agrumato

The three Poli gins come from the heart and evoke different sensations. Marconi 44 recalls the vitality, scents and warmth of an orange grove caressed by the sun. A sip of good mood.