The "bain-marie" Poli alembics


Tradition and Innovation: at the Poli Distillery three different alembics operate in synergy with each other’s, all of them are "in a discontinuous cycle", but with different heating techniques.

Our two "bain-marie" alembics, named Athanor and Crysopea, were installed in 2001 and 2008, they are therefore still under age.

They must be treated like children, you teach them new lessons every day and you learn something back.

Particularly Crysopea stares at the distillation world with marvelled and fascinated eyes like a child in a playpark where all the attractions are empty and wants to try them all…

Jacopo Poli

The “bain-marie” vaacum alembic

Crysopea is a “bain marie” vaacum
alembic compounded of two pots
where the distillation column has no
adjustable reflux plates: the most
innovative fixture operating
nowadays in Italy.

The innovation started in 2003 with
a new process distillation suggested
by the Agricultural College "San
Michele all’Adige": after 5 years
of experiments, from 2005 to 2010,
the new alembic Crysopea was finally
in action together with the other stills
and steam pots belonging
to the Poli Family.

Crysopea allows obtaining a more
distillate with its particular delicate
aromas of fruit and flower, which being
unstable once heated, normally are lost
due to high temperatures inside the pot.

The traditional “bain-marie” alembic

Athanor is a “bain-marie” classic alembic made of two pots, each one linked to a distillation column with adjustable plates.

It was realized in 2000 according to
the guidelines of the historical book
"Liber de Arte Destillandi" (The book
of Distillation Art) by Hieronimus
Bruschwyg, pusblished in Strasburg
in May 1500.

Athanor is used to distill grape,
fruit and wine and allows a gentle
and harmonious heating.