Schiavon: Distillery and Museum


Guided tour at Poli Distillery and at the Poli Grappa Museum

The Poli Distillery is mainly a productive environment, where all the visitors are welcome and may see every activity phase, with no secrets.

Visiting the distillation room, handcrafted distilled with the ancient steam system and carrying onto the cellars, where the Grappa rests in approximately 4000 barrels.

Finally, in the tasting room everyone can be delighted with all the Poli distillates. To conclude the visit a nice picture in front of the still!

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Practical Information

You may book a guided tour by mail: or calling: +39 0444 665 007, or filling in our booking form:

Tour booking

OPENING TIMES: Guided tours from Monday to Friday, 9 am / 1 pm - 2 pm / 6 pm. Saturday and bank holidays upon availability.
Shop: from Monday to Saturday, 9 am / 1 pm - 2.30 pm / 7 pm.

DURATION AND ENTRY FEES: The fee for a guided tour to the Distillery with the possibility to taste any of the Poli distillates is 8,00 € per person.
It is possible to customize the visit offering savoury or sweet buffets, upon request to

LANGUAGES: Italian, English, German, French.

NOTES: accompanied minors and visitors with reduced mobility are welcome to visit our premises. Free parking for both cars and coaches.

Poli Grappa Musum - Schiavon

We invite you to visit the Poli Grappa Museum, Schiavon branch. You may either buy our products in the show-room.

Grappa Museum: Schiavon

Halls and conference areas:

Museum and Distillery areas are available to welcome conferences, seminars, to realize dinners, appetizer drinks and particular initiatives.

Hospitality in Schiavon

How to reach us

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Two Tesla connectors for electric cars are available for our guests.