The five principles

Distillerie Poli base their work on these five simple and solid principles.

1. To choose

Only fresh and wholesome raw material

I cinque fondamenti - 1. Scegliere

The grape-marc

The raw material from which Grappa is made is the grape-marc, the skin of the grape, and what is left after the grapes are crushed in order to make wine.

The area where we gather the grape-marc goes from Bassano del Grappa to the hills surrounding Marostica and Breganze, a land historically famous for the cultivation of vines and the production of Grappa.

2. To distil

immediately the raw material

I cinque fondamenti - 2. Distillare

To distil

We distill exclusively the most fresh and wholesome grape-marc, coming from the best wineries in our area, to obtain a Grappa characterized by a fine balance of character and elegance because, as we often say: "The secret to distilling a great Grappa is simple: you just need fresh grape-marc and a hundred years experience!"

3. To use

masterfully our historic Still

I cinque fondamenti - 3. Utilizzare

To use

The still of Distillerie Poli is among the oldest in use today. It consists of cauldrons completely made out of copper, as it used to be. Our distillation cycle is discontinuous. This means that we put the grape-marc into the cauldrons and we distill it using steam; after about three hours we unload the cauldrons and the cycle starts again.

4. To work

with constancy and passion

I cinque fondamenti - 4. Operare

To work

Since 1898 the Poli family is committed to tradition and one objective: to make people understand and appreciate the hard work, the dedication but, above all, the Love contained in a bottle of Grappa.

5. To respect

the distillate and the consumer

I cinque fondamenti - 5. Rispettare

Sell dear, but weigh right

Giovanni was a man of great moral principles: he used to say "Vendi caro ma pesa giusto" meaning "Sell dear, but weigh right". We still keep today to his teaching.