The Poli Grappa Museum was taken as a study case by the NordEst Foundation

The experience of Enterprise Museums in Veneto.


On April 21st 2017 the NordtEst Foundation research presented in Padua “The Museums experience in Veneto. A virtuous union between enterprise, territory and tourism”.

The research, commissioned by the Savings Bank “Cassa di Risparmio del Veneto” analyses the relationship between enterprise, territory and tourism.


6 enterprise museums were taken in examination, amongst which even the Poli Grappa Museum, to outline a complex situation and find new instruments and new languages to communicate our own museum and territorial reality.

Besides the Poli Grappa Museum some other analysed Museums were: the Glasses Museum, the Rossimoda shoes Museum, the Jewellery Museum, the Boot Museum and the historic Rubelli archive.

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