A toast to Ponte Vecchio in Bassano, declared National Monument

Airone Rosso on Ponte Vecchio


On Friday, 26th July 2019 we celebrated with our Airone Rosso an important goal, taken place one month earlier: the proclamation of Ponte degli Alpini as a National Monument.

Like our Ponte Vecchio did for 450 years, we resisted united under the rain for a mutual and shared value: our territory.

Jacopo Poli accepted right away to be part of the committee who concretized this undertaking; he decided to delight the event with some Poli aperitif: Airone Rosso.

Thanks to the Committee, particularly to Roberto Ostuni and Luca Maria Chenet, the mayor of Bassano Elena Pavan, Germano Racchella, the senator Daniela Sbrollini, Vladimiro Rivam, the councillor Leonardo De Marzo and Nicola Finco.