Hospitality in Schiavon


Rooms and locations inside the Distillery and the Museum

Poli Distillerie is an unusual place to turn a work meeting into an unforgettable experience ending with a toast and a smile…

The building’s areas may be rented for meetings, to exhibit products or to organize a convention at the end of which it is possible to book a guided tour.

It is also possible to organize a candlelit gala dinner in the aging cellars.

Cena di Gala nella Barricaia delle Poli Distillerie
Poli Distillerie - sala convegni
Cena di gala nella bottaia delle Poli Distillerie
Poli Distillerie - sala buffet

Multi-functional rooms

The Conference Room may guest up to 90 people, it is equipped to organize congresses and seminars and it is particularly suitable to present products and other company initiatives.

The Buffet Room is suitable for coffee breaks or light lunches, either stand-up or sit-down.

The Bottaia is a wide cellar suitable for different solutions: happy hours, products presentations and other company initiatives. It is set up with tables and it can be used for dinners or lunches.

The Barricaia, located in the underground cellar of the Distillery, is suitable to host unforgettable gala dinners in the extra ordinary corner of 4000 barrique barrels.

Green areas and Parking

A park about 15.000 square metres wide surrounds the Distillery and offers great support for photo shootings, pic-nic and strolls. Large free parking for cars and motor coaches. Wheelchair friendly areas.