Hospitality in Schiavon


Rooms and locations inside the Distillery and the Museum

Ample rooms and areas inside the Poli Distillery and Poli Grappa Museum represent the ideal frame to guest congress or seminars, to welcome customers, to realize dinners, appetizer drinks and personal initiatives. For great events, alternative solutions are available, up to a maximum of 200 people.

Conference Room

Equipped for the organization of conferences and seminars, the new conference room is particularly suitable to present products and other company initiatives. The 2nd floor location offers to our visitors a panoramic view of the Distillery and the landscapes of the “Pedemontana Veneta”.

Green areas and Parking

A park about 15.000 square metres wide surrounds the Distillery and offers great support for photo shootings, pic-nic and strolls. Large free parking for cars and motor coaches. Wheelchair friendly areas.