Welcome to our land

5 +1 reasons to visit our land

1. See

at least one of the beautiful Palladian villas, true jewels of the Vicenza province.

2. Cross

the Bassano Bridge hand in hand with the one you love, exchanging a bacin d’amor… (a kiss of love)

3. Taste

a glass of Torcolato wine from Breganze, accompanied by Asiago Stravecchio cheese.

4. Play

chess with living pieces on the large chessboard of Marostica’s Chess Square; the loser pays for a round of spritz.

5. Climb

with a bike up to Monte Grappa or, if you are lazy, go by car, it’s worth it.

+ 1. Bring

the photographs to show you actually did these 5 things and we will give you a bottle of Grappa Veneta, so that you can take home with you the spirit of our land.

How to reach us