Welcome to our Distillery

5 +1 reasons to visit the Poli Distillery

1. You can hear

with your own ears the history of a family who has been living in the same place for 600 years.

2. You can see

with your own eyes three different types of alembics for the artisanal distillation of Grappa.

3. You can smell

with your own nose the
difference between head, heart and tail of Grappa.

4. You can taste

with your own mouth a young Grappa, an aged Grappa and a flavored one.

5. You can touch

with your own hands the fresh grape-marc and the wooden barrels where the Grappa rests.

+ 1.

after using the five senses and tickling your taste and olfactory buds, you will finally be able to experience some new sensations with your “emotional buds”, those special buds found in the most extraordinary sense organ of all: the heart.

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